What Happens After Knee Replacement Surgery?

Enduring a knee replacement surgery may sound torturous, but with physical therapy, the recovery process doesn’t have to be complete agony. Knee replacement surgery is often required due to injury or conditions such as osteoarthritis or arthritis. The surgery usually serves as a treatment option for extreme pain, disability, or damage such as fractures, torn cartilage, or torn ligaments in the knee. Expect a few specific benefits of physical therapy after a total knee replacement surgery.

city place surgery center 4 Benefits Of Physical Therapy After A Total Knee Replacement

1. Increase knee strength

No time to dilly dally because the recovery process begins immediately after surgery. Physical therapy often starts the day after in order to help the healing process. The knee is very weak at this stage and requires physical therapy since the knee can barely function, hold any weight, or even move. Expect to make progress on knee strength over several weeks, increasing strength in the muscles and area surrounding the knee. Then, look forward to returning to low-impact activities.

2. Restore mobility

The total knee replacement post-operation experience is a lengthy one spanning several months, starting with day one. Working with a physical therapist will help the scar tissue and skin move freely. A physical therapy exercise program can maintain and restore functional mobility and range of motion in the knee. Begin with a physical therapist-recommended workout regimen to enhance the healing process.

3. Prevent scar tissue build-up

Scars are a storytelling part of life, reminders of silly blunders, charming memories, and triumphs overcome, but scar tissue is a different story. Scar tissue can be a cause of discomfort. Scar tissue forms naturally after injury or surgery but can create tightness as well as pain in the area. Physical therapy aids in the prevention of scar tissue build-up in the knee by helping regain flexibility and range of motion. A physical therapist can show optimal techniques and stretches to rehabilitate after surgery.

4. Personal freedom

Physical therapy allows a person to recover and have the personal freedom to enjoy activities or do simple tasks without as much assistance. Rather than feel debilitating pain with every step or movement, the feeling of hope and wonder comes back through the recovery. Playing tennis or going on a hike or heading to the mall with family won’t feel as arduous, pained, or uncomfortable. Regaining the ability to use the knee and have a full range of motion is an achievement worth celebrating.

A new beginning

Physical therapy has revolutionized the post-surgery experience, allowing people to live quality lives and have a sense of freedom. A total knee replacement surgery doesn’t have to feel like the end, just the beginning of a new life. For more information about knee surgery recovery, speak with a healthcare provider.

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