Hands Off These Risky Jobs

Men and women use hands almost every second of the day. From eating, cleaning, and lifting, hands are a necessary part of survival. More so, hands are critical for performing work. Some jobs are high-intensity and high-risk. Others are repetitive and cause damage in the long run. Injuries on the job keep workers out of commission, causing billions in medical costs. These 3 jobs, in particular, can create a high risk of needing tendon repairs.

City Place Surgery Center Hand Surgery For Tendon Repairs 3 Jobs That Increase Risk Of Injury

1. More than taking out the trash

There are over 115,000 amazing sanitation workers in America. Sanitation workers are important contributors to society, keeping the environment clean. However, the job comes at a cost. Most workers keep long hours, lifting and moving various objects constantly. This repeated strain on the hands can damage tendons over time. Workplace incidents can also cause damage to the hands, despite the use of protective equipment. The sanitation sector experiences a high injury and fatality rate each year.

2. Dangerous data entry

Sitting for hours on end at a computer may not seem dangerous. However, data entry jobs have a high risk of hand injuries. The hand, fingers, and wrist rest at an unnatural angle for hours. Over time, overuse creates strains, sprains, carpal tunnel, and tendon tears. Professional workers often report to doctors some type of hand injury. Tears can account for more than 20% of hand injuries.

3. The seriousness of a game

Professional athletes spend countless hours perfecting skills. Football and rugby players, boxers, and rock climbers depend on powerful hands to perform at a high level. Unfortunately, the threat of injury is quite high. High-contact collisions or freak accidents can cause long-term injury, requiring surgery. As athletes age, the odds of injury increase further. While athletes receive immense rewards and recognition, tendon damage continues to be a real threat.

Repairing damaged tendons

Tendon damage can happen from wear and tear and one-off accidents. In certain cases, physical therapy and medicine can heal damaged tendons. However, some are severe and need surgical intervention. Doctors will need to assess the damage via an x-ray or scan. Based on the injury, the doctor will perform the required surgery. For instance, the flexor tendon may need to be repaired. These tendons allow the fingers to bend freely. If the extensor tendon is damaged, the fingers cannot extend. Surgeons use a simple outpatient procedure to reconnect any severed or damaged tendons.

A hands-on approach to hand injuries

While almost all jobs pose some danger, these 3 jobs require special caution. Men and women in these jobs should rest and stay protected as much as possible. If hand pain becomes unbearable, there may be a damaged tendon. Consult a hand specialist for a thorough assessment. If medicine and physical therapy are ineffective, hand surgery can help repair those damaged tendons.

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